Thrive Oversize Organic Hemp T-SHIRT


Charcoal Oversize THRIVE T-Shirt made from 55% organic hemp + 45% organic cotton.

Enjoy luxury while being sustainable with us.

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Charcoal Oversize THRIVE T-Shirt Made From 55% Organic Hemp + 45% Organic Cotton 
Why Have We Chosen Organic Hemp?
1. Hemp Fabric Is Light, Faster Drying, And Less Absorbing. It Feels Like A Combination Of Soft Cotton And Brushed Linen.
2. Hemp Is A Naturally Antimicrobial Fabric, Meaning It Offers Protection Against Bacteria, Mold, And Other Hazardous Microbes – Aka What Gives Your Clothing That Funky Smell.
3. Temperature Regulating.
Stay Comfortable No Matter What Activity You’re Doing. Hemp Is Breathable And Helps You Feel Like You’re In A Comfortable Room Temperature Environment, Even If You’re Hiking Down A Mountain On A Chilly Day Or Going On A Mid-Summer Run.
4. Feels Better Over Time.
We All Have That One Old T-Shirt That’s Faded Thin But Feels So Soft After Countless Washes That You Can’t Part With It. Hemp Is Like That, But Better. It Becomes Softer And More Comfortable As You Wash And Wear It, Without Becoming Paper-Thin Or Transparent.
5. Eco-Friendly & Sustainable.
So This One Might Not Be Directly Related To Helping You Crush Your Next Workout, But It’s Still Worth Mentioning. No Harsh Chemical Fertilizers Or Dangerous Pesticides Are Required To Grow Or Manufacture Hemp. Hemp Is An Eco-Friendly And Zero-Waste Plant.
6. Easy To Wash And Low Maintenance. No One Has The Time To Read And Follow Extra Care Instructions.