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Gym/small group training:

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Results rarely come unless you stress your body out in the right ways! In a strength class, this is done by lifting and moving heavy things! Here you’ll track your strength gains and melt bodyfat at the same time.


Full Body BURN

An upbeat resistance based circuit class that hits all the major muscle groups in one single session. Can we hear you say buuuuuuurn.

Come push yourself to your limits.


Glutes and Core

A super-fun, mat based class isolating your core, abs and glutes.

Here you’ll use bands and weights to create your ultimate core and booty.

Thrive 2.0-8


Let’s get your metabolic rate high, torch fat and have your brain high on endorphins.  Unlike mainstream HIIT classes that can lack focus, we prioritise spending more time on an Erg and body weight movements to help you learn and improve your physical capabilities. Let’s help you move beyond mindless exercises and instead, focus on purposeful movements.

Thrive Fitness


Designed to increase lean muscle through functional movements. You’ll undertake higher intensity lifting and metabolic training to stimulate fat breakdown and increase your metabolism up to 48 hours after the session. Weight training is vital changing your composition.



This class sculpts the entire body, improves your posture, gets you closer to that pull up, and gives definition to your muscles (without bulk). If toning up is your goal, attending ‘strength’, ‘tone’ + ‘sculpt’ weekly is a great idea. Or at least two of them! They are programmed intricately to achieve results.



Metabolic conditioning or “metcon” for short is a style of training with short bouts of higher-intensity training designed to increase metabolic demand and increase energy usage.



Cardio Sculpt

Efficient, effective and results based. A fast paced, reformer, tempo-based class with the focus on elevating your heart rate by combining progressive and classic pilates. Bring a towel and wear grip socks because this one is 40-minutes of sweat.


6 Packs & Backs

This 35-minute core and back class is perfect for the time sensitive go-getter. You will learn to engage and build endurance through all of your abdominal muscles, and postural muscles in a range of effective ways.



A natural butt lift.
This aesthetic based class focuses on optimising your body’s burning and shaping potential. Done consistently, this class will have your behind toned and round. Aesthetics aside, glute health is vital in supporting the spine/relieving back pain. Leave feeling perky & peachy!

Reformer FIT

A seamless 55-minute reformer workout, shaping and toning. Throughout the class there is a combination of Core, Cardio and Muscular. It’s a full body burn with fast paced tempo’s throughout. Walk away feeling longer, leaner, stronger and ready to conquer the day.


Reformer Classic

Our signature full body reformer class is all of these words encapsulated; controlled burn, mind-body connection, stability, deep core work, rotation, mobility, postural correction, closing with deep stretches and a mini medi. Feel good juicy movement.