The Ultimate Workout Week

It is really hard when I only see someone for 1 hour out of 168 hours in the week. The results come slower and it is better than nothing, but it is not going to optimise their life very much physically or in regards to their headspace, unless they are keeping active everyday when not with me. As we are designed to move every single day.

Through observation, experience, courses and extensive reading, plus how I also train myself… This is the most efficient weekly formula for a strong healthy women in mind and body:

· 1 x Barre or Pilates classes

· 1-2 x Yoga classes (plus stretch for at least 5mins after every workout and whenever you can through your day)

· 1 x Long walk (or shorter ones throughout the week)

· 3-4 x mix of cardio & resistance/strength workouts. They don’t have to be super long! Which is why our classes are 40-50 minutes and conclude with foam rolling or stretching.

Strength work makes up the foundation of your training. Compound movements such as squats, lunges ect. are vital as it is how we are designed to move. I always tell my mum she must deadlift if she wants to get herself out of her chair when she is 90. You can combine strength & cardio together for a powerful workout. Cardio = boxing, skipping, rowing, sprints, KB swings ect. My Thrive Method classes are exactly this combo of weights and cardiovascular activity.

Pilates, Barre & Yoga are complementary practices to your foundation training.

You will get optimal results if you dedicate yourself to it fully. If you aren’t too fussed about the physical, for sure come along once a week to get you in a good headspace for that day and ensure you’re still moving on other days.

I am often asked how many days a week should I workout? The answer is move daily! As per the formula above, it doesn’t have to be hardcore everyday- that would be a recipe for burnout and adrenal fatigue. Not fun or energising at all! Some days need we need to be gentle and recover.

For optimal results in mind and body, an absolute minimum of 3-4 days is essential. If you cannot self motivate – do classes. That is what we’re here for, and why I personally get trained by other trainers and coaches 3-4 times a week. In modern life we have so many expectations on us, the last thing we want to think about is every detail of how to move our body. I feel it too!

Accountability is key loves. I know your mind is probably already coming up with excuses as to why you cannot do this- our ego does that. It wants to keep us small and limited. However, I have busy businesswomen, mums and uni students training 5-6 days a week with me. My partner works a high stress job with lots of travel, but he trains six days a week no matter what, and on Sunday’s we go for a long walk and stretch. These people inspire the heck out of me, by making themselves top priority, and it definitely shows in not only how they look, but how they carry themselves through life. A strong body really is a foundation for life. The inner confidence it gives you is the best feeling ever.

Regular exercise helps improve brain function, stress management, lower inflammation, and lowers risk for cancers, metabolic disorder, diabetes and all types of illnesses. It also releases serotonin, which improves mood and alleviates symptoms of depression. One of my favourite studies is by Duke University who found that adults who exercised regularly improved as much as those treated with the antidepressant Zoloft! Which is why I love my job so much, I’m not just helping women superficially get their bikini body, it is creating a ripple effect through their whole life.

Yes it is almost Winter and it fascinates me every year how some people want to put their exercise on hold for 3 months. That cold lasts 5 minutes. Yep, once you’ve spent 5 minutes warming up, you’ll actually start to embrace that little bit of coldness. Do you know what’s more uncomfortable than the cold? Those jeans you’re wearing that are getting tighter and tighter because you’re not prepared to brave the cold for 5 minutes.

There’s no doubt it’s easy to stay in a warm, comfortable bed. It feels good. But do you know what doesn’t feel good? When that muscle definition, abs and toned legs you once had disappears because you didn’t stick to your routine.

There’s no a doubt it’s darker outside during the winter. But guess what? It’s nowhere near as dark as the headspace and lack of productivity that comes with not doing exercise. You will thank yourself dearly when you come out the other side in Spring feeling epic.

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