28 Day Challenge


Buy access to our signature 28 day challenge, giving you unlimited access to all small group personal training and reformer pilates sessions.

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Our Signature Thrive 28 Day Challenge 🔥
✔Includes unlimited classes (personal training and reformer pilates)
✔ A toning training program developed by Tracey specifically for this challenge
✔ A 40min seminar for you to attend at the studio to run you through the challenge and get a feel for the space
✔ Nutrition guidelines
✔ Infrared sauna use – for detox + clinically proven to speed up fat loss
✔ A healthier, leaner, stronger and brighter you!
✔ 24/7 online support to help you instill healthy habits and ask anything, anytime
✔ Optional 1:1 consult after purchase to discuss tailoring your perfect schedule to your goals
✔Our community is so welcoming and supportive!
Once you’ve purchased this item, you’ll receive an email from our studio manager to set you up!
Plus, from the day you sign up, you can train unlimited at just $36 per week (50% OFF!) until the challenge begins.
Be sure to ask Georgie to set this up for you!
1st prize: 1 month free at thrive after the challenge
2nd prize: 2 weeks free at thrive after the challenge
3rd prize: 1 week free at thrive after the challenge