Our Story

Find your love for movement

At THRIVE, we believe that feeling good starts with the body. Daily movement builds a strong foundation for you to realise your potential.

It’s about more than just losing weight or getting that bikini body. Every THRIVE trainer is passionate about empowering you physically and mentally. We’ll work with you to achieve your goals, share guidance on nutrition and wellness, and help you to be the healthiest, happiest, strongest version of yourself.

Meet the Team

The THRIVE family is a dedicated group of trainers and pilates instructors passionate about helping clients be their happiest, healthiest selves. Each trainer is trained and certified in various areas of expertise from personal training to meditation. No matter your needs or preferences, you’ll find a trainer to guide you on your wellness journey.

Katie Tankard PT and Owner at Thrive Mildura

Katie LOVE

Katie is the creator of Thrive Fitness. She began the business during her own journey towards inner alchemy in 2012 at age 21. Katie is a qualified school teacher (B.A Education) and a Certified Master of Personal Training through the Australian Institute of Fitness and qualified Reformer Pilates, and 200hr Level 1 Yoga instructor. A forever learner, Katie continues to expand her knowledge by completing courses in all things health, fitness and wellbeing.
Her nurturing and gentle nature is evident and felt by all members of the Thrive community, coaches and members included. She is committed to sourcing and building the best team to deliver each training session, whether that be functional training, pilates, or meditation in the Mildura studio. Katie extends her holistic wellbeing approach with the introduction of infrared saunas that are open for members to use as they please. 
Georgie Connellan PT Mildura

Georgie Connellan

Georgie completed her Cert IV in Fitness in early 2020, before immediately jumping on board at Thrive Fitness. She is not only a passionate trainer – but is Thrive Studio Manager! Having trained with Katie for years prior to completing her qualification, Georgie shares the same passion and love for holistic wellbeing and fitness, and essentially runs the show with her immaculate organisational skills.

Georgie is incredibly passionate about making sure Thrive members feel physically and mentally at their best and uses her bubbly personality to keep vibes high throughout each and every class, consult and interaction.

Georgie is bound to provide you with an epic sweat and will push you to your absolute max.

Tracey Sherlock

Tracey has long been a part of the Thrive Fitness team, and is the definition of walking the talk. She has been in the fitness industry since 2013, and it shows!

Tracey is a power house and wealth of knowledge. As your Thrive Head Trainer, she is a breath of fresh air who will empower and inspire you to feel your very best, physically and mentally while also pushing you to your absolute limits. Known for her ability to make you sweat, but also nurture you in just the right way to help you grow, you’ll find yourself returning to Tracey’s sessions over and over again.

Her qualifications are extensive, and just to name a few she has; Certificate 3 & 4 Fitness,

PunchFit Boxing Instructor – Level 1 & 2, Metafit, 200hr Yoga Teacher, TRX Suspension Training, plus Nutrition & Diet for Exercise Professionals.

Caitlin Holdcroft

Caitlin grew up singing and dancing, and that passion for physical movement and sound developed into her love for the gym in 2015. Since then, Caitlin has been exercising every day, and decided to turn it into something more tangible, completing her Personal Training Certificate through the AIPT. 

Caitlin has fallen in love with the lifestyle that being in tune with your body promotes, and views coaching as an opportunity to help others feel better inside and out. She is most passionate about functional training; hence why she loves coaching our HIIT classes! Her training experience covers a vast array of movement; from classical ballet to kickboxing, pilates, CrossFit, and sports.

Despite all the physical, Caitlin is still heavily involved in music and always has a music project she is working on, as she is a big believer in trying something new and living each day to the fullest.

“To me, coaching doesn’t feel like work. It feels like passion, it feels like connection, it feels like health, it feels like endorphins, it feels like purpose”.

GIulia Iamarino

Giulia is a born instructor who continues to to expand her knowledge through her own dedicated practice.

You will find Giulia’s spirit a nurturing energy to absorb during each session. She just loves to make Thriver’s feel good while educating them too. Every session is carefully planned to give you the best total body pilates workout.

You can find Giulia’s schedule on the mindbody app!

Katelyn Matthews (KT) Reformer Pilates Mildura

Katelyn Matthews (KT)

KT studied Barre Body’s world class Reformer Pilates course in Byron Bay (ahhhh, is there anywhere better) in 2019 before joining our Thrive team where she shares her love and passion for flexibility and stretch with every member that steps foot into class.

A primary school teacher by day, Pilates powerhouse by early morning and night, you’ll find KT is a bundle of energy and vibrance that will have your motivation levels soaring from the moment you step foot into her class!

If high vibe Pilates classes are your thing and you love to feel your muscles burn than KT is your gal! Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself!

Ashley Reddy

This Thrive angel is such a beautiful part of our team. Her dual skills and knowledge as both a qualified Fitness Instructor, and Pilates Instructor, mean you’ll get to experience her sessions in the gym and on the reformer.
She is equally nurturing, as she is the devil! But we guarantee she’ll have you coming back for more! 
You’ll find her fun and energetic teaching style infectious. 

Jessica Love

With 10 years of experience in the movement world, Jess is qualified in reformer pilates and also holds a Level 1 & 2 Yoga Certificate, along with many extras.

Jess is passionate about living a good quality life and guides members and the community towards this through loving movement and education. She seems to know just what your body craves.

We are incredibly lucky to have Jess instructing group Pilates classes at Thrive as she also runs her own yoga business. Flow, and delivering the gentle burn is her specialty and we can guarantee you’ll feel the most present and connected with your body that you ever have.

Join one of Jess’ beautifully crafted classes today to experience her passion and experience first hand.

Meagan Linklater

Meagan was first introduced to pilates after having her second child back in 2016 and quickly fell in love with it. So much so, in September 2017 she became qualified in teaching Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates, Pregnancy and Postnatal Pilates. 

After her own experience with lower back pain and a bulged disc, Meagan was able to use Pilates to strengthen and rectify her injuries. You’ll find she loves sharing her knowledge of the technical aspects of Pilates and will educate you on the importance of pelvic floor and lower abdominal activation. 

Meagan loves to keep spirits high with classes that are fun and entwined with a good laugh, whilst ensuring the correct technique and form is used during each movement to enhance your results and experience. 

As Meagan would say, ‘Pilates is for everyone! The exercises you can do are endless and combining Pilates with Thrives weight training classes ensure you can work your whole body with strength, posture, balance and mobility’. 

Join one of Meagan’s classes and fall in love with her energy and vibe! We know we sure did.

Sam Lowe

Sam is a nurturing and highly passionate instructor who is qualified in many modalities being –
  1. Reformer Pilates
  2. Mat Pilates
  3. Barre
  4. Yoga (Hatha)

Sam shares her learnings and passion for yoga and pilates with our Thrive community, applying her training and experience to develop curated sessions that will result alignment, strength and mind-body connection.

As a lifelong lover of fitness and pilates, Sam will tell you she “instantly found a home here at Thrive”. From the members to each of the instructors, Thrive is a welcoming place where you can instantly feel accepted and inspired to become your best self, no matter your background or ability. 

Sam isn’t a fan of having her picture taken so you’ll just have to come in and experience her magical presence for yourself.

Hannah Mcglashan

Hannah is a fully qualified personal trainer who walks the talk. A natural instructor, inspiration and motivator. Focused and relatable. You’ll find yourself in very good hands during her sessions as she knows just how to get the most out of you!


Getting fit and healthy can be hard work, but Hannah’s passion is to help people enhance their lives in the most realistic and fun way possible with her creative, effective and upbeat sessions.

She has a knack for planning – curating and running you through your Friday ‘Glutes & Abs’ sessions; helping you achieve natures butt lift! Plus, keeping you pushing and getting more out of every Friday METCON session!

Stephanie love

Stephanie discovered pilates method during her pregnancy. It supported her so much, and she had never found anything that transformed her body, mind and spirit quite like Pilates.

 Steph wants to introduce as many people as possible to Pilates, and encourage them to live a happy, healthy and well balanced life. 

Her style of teaching is fun, feel good and benefits the whole being. She especially loves guiding you through a nice abdominal burn! Steph looks forward to working with you on the reformer soon!