Private Training

a personal approach

tailored just for you

Private personal training or private pilates sessions are a great way to get the benefits of our programs with a more customised approach and personal attention. Our trainers will provide everything you need to reach your goals and thrive! 

First and most importantly, we’ll work with you to understand your goals, challenges, and any limitations. Together, we’ll set measurable benchmarks and put together an ideal routine for you. Your trainer will plan and program your session to specifically meet your individual needs and goals so all you have to do is show up and work hard. 

Private sessions are ideal for those that might want personal accountability or have unique circumstances to consider. For example, if you are recovering from an injury or need support during or after pregnancy, or simply prefer the ultimate tailored approach – our trainers are here to help! 

We offer:

  • One on One
  • Two on One
  • Three on One
  • Four on One

In both gym or reformer pilates.

You’re welcome to go solo, or gather some friends with similar goals to make it more cost effective.

Contact us to learn more and get started!